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New Homes

New Homes present a entirely unique set of options for the

New homes are divided up into two groups New Build (meaning from the ground up) and spec homes (Already built by the builder on speculation).

New Build gives YOU the opportunity to select everything from the ground up, literal. You will get to select from where the house is on the lot, within reason, and every detail that goes into the home.

A Spec Home is already built and several if not all of the options have been selected. A Spec Homes offers many benefits: quicker move-in and the options (tile, carpet and paint color). are often discounted to sell the home. The only disadvantage is you will have little or no say in the options.

I would encourage everyone to work with a Realtor when selecting a New Home as they can aid you in the selection process and not cost you anything!

It is true that the sales staff for the builders will be very helpful and a key point of contact. That sales person has in interest in selling you one builder at one location. A Realtor working for you can aid in showing you several builders and show you Resale options as well. This will allow you to view all of the options open to you and make a better informed decision.