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Selling Your Home

real-estate-sign1When it comes to selling your house it is critical that you work with a Realtor that with get your home noticed and not waist your time. Your time is valuable!

The Process of Getting your house SOLD!

  1. First and foremost is determining a listing price. This will be based on a market analysis that I will included you in on every step of the way and not just show you some numbers.  We will work together on reviewing the activity in your area. This will allow you to fully understand the current market conditions.
  2. Collecting Critical financial information about selling your property. This includes mortgage payout amounts, utility costs, HOA information, and other property related information. This will allow us to provide a “Ready to Close” packet of information for the title company. In addition some information may be requested by the buyers such as HOA information and utility costs.
  3. Review the information required for listing you property on MLS. This insures the best exposure. This will also include taking several high quality photos. As the saying goes” A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words!”
  4. Within 24 hours of listing your property it will be visible on thousands of real-estate websites and be a featured listing on some of the most visited website. This means you property gets viewed more that standard listings and sold quicker!
  5. FOR SALE in Yard with Brochure Box. For sale signs with professionally designed brochures displayed in a brochure box in your front yard is also essential. This is an inexpensive way to ensure all passersby’s get a chance to notice your house.
  6. Installation of an electronic lock-box to allow a secure way access your property. This device tracks and reports all activity of the lock-box. Every time an agent access the lock-box, the agents key instantly sends an encrypted  notification via cellular data to a secure website that tracks the activity on your home. This also generates an email to me about who is viewing your property and allows me to follow up with them and get their feedback.
  7. Feedback from agents working with a buyer. Feedback is critical as it gives us information about what the buyers see and feel about your home. This will allows us to address issues and better market your property.
  8. I will launch a direct mail campaign that will target several hundred homes near your property. This insure that everyone around you knows your house is for SALE! I have noticed that a great number of homes are sold to people that already know someone in the area where they buy a home. This gets the word out quickly.
  9. I will order a Sellers / Buyers Home Warranty inspection. This not only will aid in selling your property, by providing YOU and the buyer a warranty. It will also allow us to address and problems discovered so they do not delay closing.
  10. Provide you with samples of the documentation you will be presented with throughout the sales process. This allows you to review the documents and address any questions you may have ahead of time. This will insure that when an offer comes in you will have a great level of comfort with the documents and not feel rushed to review them. As with any negotiation timing can be critical.